Daniel Ljungqvist

Rammstein - Two Singles Released and Album on 17 of May

Rammstein is back on track, with a new album coming out on the 17th of May, after almost 10 years of not making any new music. As of now, we've gotten two singles, we know that the album is untitled, and that it contains a total of 11 tracks, at a runtime of about 40 minutes.

2. RADIO 04:37
3. ZEIG DICH 04:16
4. AUSLÄNDER 03:52
5. SEX 03:56
6. PUPPE 04:33
7. WAS ICH LIEBE 04:30
8. DIAMANT 02:33
9. WEIT WEG 04:19
10. TATTOO 04:10
11. HALLOMANN 04:09

Order single, and pre-order upcoming album here.

Here's the first single, DEUTSCHLAND:

Here's the second single, RADIO:

Here are some teasers for the upcoming songs:

Rammstein is released on the 17th of May. I hope you look forward to the album just as much as I do!

The cover (I added the border):